Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day One- Blogging about Flogging while Jogging and Bogging the jog path..

:) hellooooo.... to myself and my make-believe readers/ peeps/ people/ fans... nah stat sudah perasan ni... i'm trying out this blogging activity *again*... i couldn't find my old one...

but why the title? couldn't think of anything so hantam jak this one.... ermmm...

what'll i be rambling about? oooo... well about food, crafts, traveling, people, gossip *xoxo* and whatever crosses my mind... and maybe a teeny weeny bit of stories from work ( :P i know i could get killed for this hahaha)

so here's to a fresh new start! *cheers*! (ribena original flavor juice not the mix-mix kind kah-chingggg)
The pic above was taken in front of my office.... was really weird cos it was scorching hot yet everybody was staring and pointing at the sky... u know that "what's that! faster then a speeding bullet... blah blah... oh my! its-...SUPERMAN!!!" scene... people looking at the sky and pointing... *buta la ni this people.. -_-*... it's JUST the sun bah tu.... mati la juga :P but i couldn't resist snapping away with my hp cam...

O by the way....the pic on the right was taken from my granddd-pa's ...*when pronouncing please exaggarate the 'd'- my grandpa's way of calling himself*... kitchen window... makes me want to sunbake on the beach... hohoho :P

Oooo..o-o-o one last thing... i'll be posting on my meals as well.... so here goes:
  • Breakfast: Konlo Mien + Sasau + Itik (Wisma Merdeka... can not sempat snap cos stark raving hungry)
  • Lunch: Skip... Konlo belum abis dicernakan
  • Dinner: Mix Fish Mee Hoon Sup + Kinarut BBQ Chicken Wings + Ikan Bakar Bolo Kinarut + Air Sirap Limau Ping


p/s: To my yoga partner for encouraging me to participate in this BLOG world... tankiu a-lice...

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