Monday, January 5, 2009

Provence, France

Bonjour! oui oui it is only me talking gibberish french :p

why hasn't anyone mention to me about Russell Crowe's 2006 movie "A GOOD YEAR"???

OMGGGGGGGoshhhhh! It's absolutely gorgeous....

It's one of those movie sthat makes you want to rush out and get urself a ticket to France and live amongst them fine people... frenchies.. ooooo

I, C-Rett, hereby declare that I shall be MOVING to Provence, France when I get tired of this materialistic world... I dont care if I end up being a sheperd or a goat girl etc.... janjiiiiiiiii it's like in the movie hehehehehehe :P

click here for the website.... actually you have to watch the movie cause this website doesn't do any justice to it.... unfortunately that is...

*I dont like russell crowe eventhough he was quite good in Gladiator... but thats all... no more than that :)


misslamau said...

i bet you just watched it on star world kannnn??! siokkk! I really adore the relationship with his uncle yg masi dia kici lagi. They would sit outside the house playing chess, sipping diluted wine and just talk about life. Bliss!!

C-Rett said...

Ya sekaliiiii.... i really like the part where they play music then pi menari rumba.... wowwwww.... i dont drink wine but i'll definitely take it up kalau pindah sana... mariiii nanceeeeee... best tu... kita jadi waitress jak sana... hehehe