Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wants today.... so so so badly wants

hi :) come on in... i thot u'd lost ur way or something... u mean this? oh this is just my small summer home... we come here every summer... it's only enough to accomodate a couple but daytrip friends are all welcomed to drop by... yes the water is yours to swim in...

yes this is my tiny kitchen... do i mind? of course i dont, go ahead grab a bottle in the fridge if u want :)

it's gorgeous outside isn't it? sigh...

this is my dapur basah... sometimes we do the cooking out here... yes i know it's cute... :P

yup this dining table is made from recycled drift wood... how? i have no idea but it completes the house :) u know wat i mean?

u like it? glad to hear that. pardon me? oh why of course u can come again! see you next summer!

hehehehehe that was fun...

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