Sunday, June 8, 2008



:) Just came back from the Offical Launching of 1-Borneo. The words BIG, SPACIOUS and BRIGHT comes to mind when u step in. Didnt really have a chance to go around but i've set my mind to go back and check out Daiso (the RM5 Japanese store) and Sachs (more more more leather bags to choose from!)

Tried the Sushi King (our first outlet here in Sabah) hehehe reminds me of my 6 years in KL... was good but REALLY crowded with hungry hungry people.

Just a precaution to anyone of you out there planning to visit... make sure u wear your "kasut biasa' cause the basement parking in 1-Borneo was muddy... infact banjir in some parts... they have to start cleaning it otherwise... nobody will want to park there for fear of "kejadian kereta berenang" :)

oh ya... the restrooms sucks here... i didn't go but from the look of my uncles who did... they were grossed out... so if guys say that = extreme punya tidak bersih la that :)

anywayz... Happy Sunday everyone! Happy working tomorrow... i won't be posting anything for the whole week as i'll be away (hehehe the place i called home for 6 years)... til then adios!

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